Remember, to forget yourself and live through your heart!!!

This is a story or a lesson that I have learned recently about myself my ego and my pride which are one and the same. I have learned how important it is to live through my heart and follow my heart and let my heart lead the way through life. It’s pretty amazing how Jesus and the universe and the spirit realm provides lessons at the perfect time in my life. I so easily fall into the Trap of my mind, ego and pride when this happens with me my life seems to spiral out of control. It is almost as if these lessons are planned and I’m allowed to fall into these situations where everything seems to be against me when in reality everything is for me and everyone is for me. I tend to become so blind that I’m not able to see how much love and care there is from Jesus the spirit realm, universe and everyone I’m surrounded with. This is where my lesson began is I fell into a self-absorbed self-created situation where I felt that everyone was turning on me and was against me and I was living in my mind and ego and not my heart. This is not a good thing when you are an empath and are sensitive to energies, thoughts and feelings of other people. It pulls everything out of my heart and into my head and my heart becomes empty and filled with pain and misery. It can become a vicious cycle that is created by my own mind and ego and no one else. This creates an emptiness within my heart and is in need of something to fill it and make it feel good again. My ego looks to fill it with self-gratification which only creates more pain and suffering because self-gratification is something that can never truly be achieved. My life has been on an amazing path of highs and lows with all the changes that have been going on in my life lately with Jesus and psychic Awakenings within me. The highs have been amazing and blissful the Lowe’s have been difficult but full of self-discovery. I seem to be on a path that has me growing and changing on a daily and weekly basis and becoming a newer and better version of myself. What ended up happening is that I was feeling like people did not like me and did not like what I was saying and this caused pain and misery within me.When all along none of these things were actually true. I also became overwhelming to people in the search of popularity and acceptance and wanting people to notice me. These are all things that my mind and ego and pride created within my head when I was no longer living through my heart. It can become a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to get out of. At this point I was caught in the middle of this cycle and my mind was wanting to somehow fix the pain and misery within my heart and I felt the need to be accepted,liked and noticed. Abbey Normal who is my psychic mentoring teacher brought this to my attention in the nicest most caring loving way that she could and Abbey is always looking out for the best interest of all of us. To begin with I was in denial about most of these things throughout that week because I was living in my mind and not my heart. It seems like the universe was sending me messages from every direction on what I was doing wrong and what I need to do to get back on track again and live through my heart and let my heart lead the way again. It just blows my mind how things happen the way that they do and how Jesus and the universe and the spirit Realm allows me to get into these situations but then provides messages for me to learn from these situations and grow and become someone better than I was. This Sunday at my church which is a forward-looking new world type of church and I absolutely love it there and it is an Australian based church called Hillsong Family Church. There message this Sunday was about this very same subject living in your heart and not in your ego and mind and how much pain and suffering comes to your heart and soul when we live through our mind and ego. I am someone that can cause myself to be gullible and fall into self-centered chaos from time to time but I am also one that wants to learn these life lessons and pull myself out of painful self-destructing emotions that my mind and ego can cause me to have. This situation actually got into my head so bad that I wasn’t able to even do a meditation let alone connect with my Spirit guides higher self or the spirit realm or any other type of connection. That was devastating for me and I did not understand what was going on. Once I realized that this was something that I created and only I can get myself out of and no one else actually had anything to do with it and it was all created within my own mind and ego. I then did a chakra cleansing or energy body cleansing technique that I had learned from Abbey and immediately after that I then did a meditation to speak with my higher self and Spirit guides on how to move forward with self-healing. This meditation ended up becoming the beginning of my self-healing and I know now that I need to do these types of self- healings on a regular basis to keep my mind and ego out of my heart and let my heart lead the way through life. I had no idea that connecting with the spirit realm could be shut down like flipping a switch off when chaos takes over in your life and you’re no longer living through your heart and your ego takes over. What a week it was I went from pain and suffering and chaos to understanding things much better than I ever did before about my heart, myself and how fragile the connection with the spirit realm can really be when you don’t live through your heart. When my connection to the spirit Realm was shut down like flipping a switch off I did not know if I could ever get it back again and for me that added more pain and devastation and cause my mind to create even more chaos for me. I have learned how important it is to live in the moment and within our hearts and to enjoy the gift that we have been given in life and the day that we have for there are no promises for tomorrow and there’s nothing we can do about yesterday we only have the moment and that is an amazing gift that we must enjoy every second of. I could go on and on about this but what I’ve learned is to always remember, to forget myself and live through my heart!!! and just live in the moment and enjoy the gift of life to its fullest In this moment which is truly a gift that should not be taken lightly. We should all be very careful with what we say how we act and what we do because there are consequences to ourselves and our life when we do not use our heart to live through and Lead the way in life. This is my message for life on how important it is to follow your heart and let it lead the way through life and to not let your mind and ego get involved.
Lots of love

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