The story of Jamie.

I would like to tell you guys a little bit about me and what my purpose is here at my blog site. I grew up as a kid in the country on a big farm near Columbia Maryland. Riverhill Farm where I grew up was such an amazing place for for me as a boy to explore and have my own adventures and experiences with wildlife, nature and mother earth. I would spend entire days wandering the woods and fields by myself exploring and also just watching how nature lived. These are the days where I developed a close connection with nature and mother earth to the point where I can feel the emotions of everything around me and understand nature’s language. I loved to just sit in the woods down by the river and watch the water flow around the rocks and the wind blow through the trees and all the sounds that were created from nature itself. I could do this for hours on end and it was the only entertainment that I needed. As a boy fishing was my favorite thing in the world to do there was nothing that I care more about than fishing and being in the outdoors. My dream as a boy was to become a bass fishing guide in Florida. When I was 13 years old my dad and I used to take trips to Florida bass fishing during the winter time. This is when I fell in love with the central Florida area and bass fishing in Florida. When I got old enough I wanted to follow my heart and live my dream and become a professional bass fisherman or bass fishing guide so that is exactly what I did I bought a tent a used suburban truck and a used ranger bass boat and took off to Florida as a 20 year old kid. I lived in a tent for 2 years at a state park next to the lake that I fish and was living my dream. I didn’t have a care in the world or anything to worry about except for waking up in the morning and going fishing and having fun and living the life that I always dreamed about. It was a bit lonely but that was okay I spent most of my time alone and by myself out on the lake or at my camp but I was in nature where I belong and on the lake that has become a part of my soul and life. I have been working on this Lake now for 38 years so I’ve spent almost my entire life in the outdoors with nature and have always had this ability to feel and connect with everything that I’m surrounded with in the outdoors. Eight months ago in October of 2017 there were some traumatic events that I went through that were extremely painful physically and emotionally and during these difficult times I started reading the Bible and praying to Jesus to be saved but not from the pain or the suffering that was going through I just wanted Jesus in my heart and life. After about two weeks of praying and surrendering my life and soul to Jesus it happened one Sunday evening where my entire life changed and Jesus came into my heart and the old Jamie was no longer hear a new Jamie was born. I was then filled with the love of Jesus and that love came with the most amazing feeling that I could ever imagine. Shortly after this psychic doorways started opening but I didn’t know what to do with them or how to process these amazing changes that were happening within me. There is a psychic energy healer and Channeler Abbey Normal that I discovered through an archangel Michael video that she had made and posted on her YouTube Channel. She is the most amazing and caring person that helped me through a very difficult time in my life whether she knew it or not with her Archangel Michael video and other videos. Abbey also help me understand these changes that were happening within me and taught me techniques and methods on how to use these abilities and move forward with them through different sessions I had with her. That was all it took once I did a psychic mentoring session with her these abilities took off on their own and started to multiply. I didn’t realize it before but now I know that I have always had sensitivities to energies and feelings and could always read the emotions and feelings from people to some point. These senses now have taken off to the point where they have become actually a bit overwhelming. I am an empath and I have become super sensitive to energies and I can feel other people’s emotions and thoughts. This is something I have a little trouble dealing with and processing all of this information overload that is coming to me. The residue energies left by people in a house or room are also something that I am sensitive to and pick up on very easily. I even sometimes question myself whether I’m crazy or not with what is going on with these psychic changes in me. There is so many things that come with all of this that I am really having some difficulty processing all of these changes that have happened so fast to me. I have been doing channeled messages in the journey state with the spirit Realm for the last several months and these messages are now becoming very clear and very profound on what has been coming through to me from the spirit realm my higher self and Spirit guides. I have also found a great need and urged within myself to write about this lately and I believe my Spirit guides are pushing me to do this. I thank my psychic mentoring teacher Abbey Normal for also giving me the nudge to start my own YouTube channel and a spiritual blog and I wouldn’t be who I am right now if I didn’t meet Abbey when I did. I would love to share these messages with all that would like to read them and maybe we can all learn a little something from the spirit realm and the universe together. The love of Jesus and Christ consciousness is also a part of my spiritual Journey and I feel that everything is tied together and is one within our hearts. I also believe that Jesus our selves and the spirit realm and everything that exists in the universe are one consciousness. I hope that you guys enjoy my writings of my experiences and messages I really love sharing them with you guys and if you would like to share your thoughts and comments I would really love to hear them.
Lots of love.

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