How my psychic Journey began and grew.

This is a story of how my psychic Awakenings that started in November 2017 and have progressed over the last seven months. I was going through a very traumatic and difficult time in my life that was extremely painful emotionally and physically. During this very difficult time I was praying to Jesus to be saved and have him come into my heart and soul. This didn’t happen right away it was a couple of weeks of praying and asking for Jesus Come into my life when I finally completely surrendered my soul, heart and my life to Jesus and God and at that point in my life there was nothing that I wanted or needed more then to have Jesus to come into my heart and soul. This is when it happened on a Sunday evening I was at my breaking point in my life and I completely gave in and surrendered my heart and soul to Jesus. At that moment the most amazing thing that ever happened in my life happened I felt the warm radiating love of Jesus rush into my heart and soul. This was without a doubt the most amazing, beautiful and emotional point in my life I knew then what the love of Jesus felt like and it was like nothing I could have ever imagined there aren’t any words that can describe what it feels like to have Jesus fill you with his amazing love and fill you like a storm. The love of Jesus actually blew my heart open and was radiating with a yellow white light full of love. To this day that feeling has not changed I feel warmth and radiating love coming from my chest the love of Jesus and God coming from within me. When this happened and I was saved by Jesus and he came into my heart and took me over and the old Jamie was gone and there was a new Jamie that was born. I was still very much the same person that I was. I was always a nice person that cared a lot about most things and people that were close to me but at the same time I wasn’t really concerned much about people that weren’t close to me. Well this all changed and with the love of Jesus and God in my heart I now have have an incredible carrying love for every soul and thing on earth. I have actually become very sensitive to other people’s pain, emotions and feelings in a very empathetic way. This was the beginning of many things to come shortly after being saved by Jesus and having the love of Jesus fill my heart. There were psychic doorways that were starting to open for me and one thing I do know is that the psychic Awakenings are connected with Jesus and me being saved. There is a reason for these events that have happened and a purpose for the path that that I am on and I will know what that purpose is when the time is right for me to know. I have always been able to feel people’s emotions, Energies and what they are thinking to some point. The sensitivity to these energies and vibes from people started to increase shortly after being saved bye Jesus. There is a energy healing psychic Chandler named Abbey Normal and I keep mentioning her and most of my post but she is a big part of these stories. I learned of Abbey through an archangel Michael video that helped me so much during the difficult times that I was going through. This I know also was divine timing and I was supposed to learn of Abbey when I did and how I did through her Archangel Michael video. This one video the Archangel Michael video that helped me so much during the difficult time I was going through led to me to watching other videos that she had made and posted on her YouTube channel and then Abbey ended up becoming my psychic mentoring teacher. Now I don’t believe in coincidences to begin with and I do believe in Divine timing and a plan that has been laid out before us. In my heart I know that these events and meeting Abbey we’re supposed to happen. So they get on with it I had no idea what to do with these psychic Awakenings that were happening within me and how to use them or move forward with them. Abbey has been more like a psychic wisdom psychiatrist to me and she has helped me understand these changes and how to deal with them and how to move forward with them. She has given me guidance on how to expand these abilities with my own style and my own frequency because when it comes down to it we are all different and no one style fits any one person. She was able to give me insights on how to proceed with what was happening with these abilities and they have now taking off on their own and have bin multiplying and growing almost out of control. My sensitivity to other people’s emotions and feelings and Energies have grown to a point where I have developed intuitive or empathic abilities that are actually become a little bit on the extreme side and hard for me to deal with and it sometimes can be very overwhelming for me. This is just one of the abilities that have awakened Within Me I can now feel the emotions, thoughts and energies of other people. I have become so sensitive to energy that I can feel residue energies leftover and a house or room that people were in but are no longer there. I also have become extremely sensitive to energy shifts lunar cycles and and other energies that have affected me greatly but I don’t understand where they are coming from yet. Even though so many of these things have been so overwhelming for me and hard to understand I’m okay with it because I know that there is a purpose down the road and I’m supposed to follow this path that I’m on and that’s what I’m going to do and I’m going to find out where it leads me and I know that it will be for something good at some time. I am at a point right now where I really still don’t understand a lot of the things that are happening and where they are going. I do understand that I need to live through my heart and let my heart lead the way and just follow in the direction that my heart leads me. So here I am in the middle of this path that I’m on where sometimes I am confused about all of these changes. I am also on a constant path of learning and growing with all of these changes. What I do know is that what I am doing and where I’m going is right for me and I’m going to follow my heart and let it lead the way and that there will be ups and downs along this path but at the end of this path there will be something good and that gives me hope, joy and love along the way!!!
Lots of love,


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