My Spirit guides and how I got to know them.

This is a story of how my spirit guides slowly allowed me to get to know them. So let me take you back just a little bit to the beginning of my Journey down this path of psychic Awakenings. Back in November of 2017 psychic doorways started opening for me and I could see and feel psychic energies changing within me. I was a client of Abbey Norml’s psychic services and the first time that I knew anything of my Spirit guides was during a soul rebirth Journey that Abbey did with my spiritual atmosphere. During this journey with Abbey she was able to meet and talk with one of my main Spirit guide. The name that Abbey was coming up with was Fiera which I have since learned that her name is actually Tiara. Abbey also told me she is one of my main spirit- guides and is the one that follows me the most and is where my deep connection with Mother Nature and Mother Earth comes from. Abbey was also able to tell me that my spirit guide Tiara was very tall with blonde hair and stunningly beautiful to look at and that she loves me with all her heart also follows and guides me through my life. So at this point this is all that I knew of her was what Abbey was able to tell me about her. I had already met my higher self through meditations in the journey state but never any of my Spirit guides at this point in my psychic Awakenings. The next time that I learned any more about my Spirit guides was through a friend of mine who was also a psychic mentoring student of Abbey’s and her name is Cory. Cory and I both did readings on each other as an assignment from Abbey I had no information on Cory and she had no information on who I was when she did her reading on me. Now during Cory’s reading on me she was able to meet two of my main Spirit guides. The first one of my Spirit guides that Cory met and spoke with was Tiara and Cory was able to tell me that Tiara is my connection to Mother Earth and nature and that she follows me very close and guides me through life. Cory was also able to meet and speak with my other main spirit guide who is the Native American Indian and at this point Cory had no idea that I am also part Native American and to be specific I am part Montauk Indian. Cory had said that this is also one of my main Spirit guides and he follows me through life and guides me in life and the name that Cory was coming up with was tomahawk and is so similar to the name Montauk and I feel in my heart that he is my Montauk ancestor Chief Wayndance pharaoh he was the chief of the Montauk tribe in the mid-1600s. After I was introduce to my Spirit guides through a second party I have now been able to meet see and talk with them through my own meditations in the journey state. Tiara seems to be the first one that always appears to me and talks with me and I truly know in my heart that she loves me with all her heart and is very concerned on what I do and that she is there to help me at every turn in my life. My Montauk indian spirit guide is very quiet but is always there with me also. He seems to be a guide to my inner spirit and soul and to guide me on how to live life in a very proud way of knowing myself and who I am and with pride of who I am. Now seven months have gone by since my psychic Awakenings began and I am able to connect and contact my Spirit guides anytime I need advice or help from them and they are always there to help and guide me with wisdom from my Spirit guides that only want the best for me and they’re always looking out for me. So this is my story of how I was introduced to my Spirit guides and then got to know them better and now I can contact and speak to them anytime I need advice or help from them. This is also something that anybody can do what I have learned is that we are all psychic and that the abilities are there to speak with your Spirit guides and receive advice from them. It’s just about learning how to use abilities that we are born with and it all comes from your heart not your mind. I hope you guys enjoyed my story of how I got to know my Spirit guides if you have any questions or comments I would love for you share them.
Lots of love


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