Death is nothing to fear not living life to its fullest is!!!

I haven’t written any new post for quite a while now, I just haven’t been inspired to write lately. My writing style is not very good I know that and for me that’s okay because my blog site has pretty much become just a personal journal for me. writing is not something that I am very well educated at and how to write in a proper manner sentences and paragraphs. What I do know is that when I write I let it come from my heart and my soul and for me that’s the only thing that really counts. So what I’m going to write about today are some emotions and feelings that I have been having lately that are all related to the psychic Awakenings that have happened within me and have had me on an unbelievable emotional roller coaster ride. It feels like I have been on a roller coaster with extreme highs that have been truly amazing and Blissful and joyful and feeling so good within my heart radiating with the warm love from Jesus and myself. Two crashing Lowe’s that seem to happen with no explanation on why I have these emotions that are so good and amazing that seem to crash to extreme lows and become painful and hurtful and hard to deal with. There has been so many amazing changes and growth in my life over the last nine months that have changed me forever. From being saved and Reborn through Jesus and God in November of 2017 to the psychic Awakenings that have happened so quickly Within Me right after being saved by Jesus and God. These psychic Awakenings are something that happened on their own and we’re not by my choice but I have accepted them and love these changes and allowing my heart to lead the way and follow the path that I am on and I will see where it leads me and what is that the end of this path. There has been many different psychic senses that have awakened Within Me the strongest of them which are my empathic senses. These empath senses have become very loud and clear in the last couple of months. I have become extremely and I mean extremely sensitive to energies and energy shifts that have dramatic effects on how I feel. The energies that affect me can make me feel so good and so amazing for short periods of time like maybe a month or so but it always seems like they are followed with a reverse polarity energy that has negative or even debilitating effects on me to the point where they become emotional and painful within my heart. These energies that I feel seem to come in pulsating waves they come on slowly but then become very strong and then proceeded to what almost feels like a slack tide. That is pretty much what it feels like to me like the tide rolling in becoming very strong during the highest part of the tide and then receding outwards to the point where the tide becomes a slack or low tide and then the next wave or tide comes rolling in which always seems to have a reverse polarity to the wave or Tide that just dissipated from a positive energy wave to a negative energy wave. This up-and-down roller coaster ride with these pulsating waves of energy that come and go can make it so difficult to understand and deal with these sensitivities I have to these types of energy shifts. It’s really hard to go from feeling so good and amazing and then life feeling like life is spiraling out of control and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. And then the next wave comes and everything is positive and amazing again this can be really hard and difficult to go from such amazing highs too depressing Lowe’s. I am sure that I would not have been able to deal with these extreme emotional shifts or handle this without the loving help of my psychic mentoring teacher Abbey who is without a doubt one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Abbey has told me over and over that I have the power within me to overcome this and to let everything go that doesn’t serve me and replace it with love and then more love and more love. I know that she is correct and she lives this way every day of her life I only wish that I could be strong enough within my heart and the love within me to prevent my life from spiraling out of control with these negative energy waves that seem to keep coming. I have been through things in my life that have been so difficult and painful in a physical and painfully emotional way to the point where I could not imagine anyting ever being more difficult to go through and I stood strong then and tall like a tree and there was nothing that was going to stop me from conquering these difficult times that I went through. I know that I have the strength and willpower to conquer any difficult times in my life but at the same time these energy waves that come and go have been something that I haven’t been able to figure out how to overcome. My heart is full of my own love and the love of Jesus and I live my life everyday with pure unconditional love for all things and everyone including myself but yet these energy waves can put me on top of the world where feels like nothing could ever go wrong and then within days can spiral out of control to where it feels like nothing will ever go right and no one likes or loves me. does this make me a nutcase am I actually crazy sometimes I wonder that myself ? If these energy waves weren’t enough for me to deal with I also have these empath senses that have awakened within me where I feel people’s emotions thoughts and the energies that emanate from people and I do feel from so many that they do think I am a nutcase or crazy but you know what I really don’t care if that’s what they feel I am happy with who I am. also I am okay with people not liking what I write or how I write that’s okay too although at the same time it doesn’t feel good that people don’t like me or love me or love what I write it’s just human nature to have the need for people to like you or like what you write or say I’m no different than anyone else I need love too. so I got off on to a little bit of a rabbit Trail their butt back to the empath senses that have awakened Within Me I also can feel residue Energies Within buildings or houses if something has happened bad within a room or a house or a place I can feel through my heart terrible events that have happened or even really happy and good events that have happened it seems like when there are strong emotions and energies that happen within a building or a house or room that there is a residue energy that is Left Behind and it’s stuck with in that place. This is an ability or a sense that sometimes is not enjoyable to feel at all the other morning on my way to the lake there was a bad car accident that I drove by there were police cars and ambulances there and I felt the death of one of the people that was in the accident as I drove by and it hurt my heart to feel that. This is a lot of stuff for somebody to digest, comprehend and understand when it is happened in such a short period of time it’s only been nine months now since all of these psychic Awakening started. I know now but I didn’t know when I was younger that I have always had some of these sensitivities within me to some point. I have always had an extremely close connection with Mother Nature and nature itself where I can understand and feel the emotions of nature and that is where I truly feel at home and at my happiest and best is when I am in nature by myself. I have also have had the ability to feel people’s emotions and energies to some point where I could always tell if somebody is being true or Genuine or fake and dishonest whether they were happy or sad but this was only a slight sense that I have always had. This all change when I went through some extremely difficult times that were painful emotionally and physically and then saved and Reborn through Jesus and God. shortly after that the psychic Awakenings started and over few months of time and exploded into what they are now. I want so much to be like my psychic mentoring teacher Abbey who seems to have it all figured out all the time she is so balanced at all times and living through her heart and always so happy and full of joy and love. if I could only figure out how to live my life with such balance and happiness and joy and love and stay so grounded with who I am that would truly be a wish come true for me. She has always said to be patient that things will happen when the time is right and I know that she is correct so that is what I am trying my best to do is patiently allow things to come as they are supposed to and maybe someday I can live every moment of my life with pure Peace Love Harmony and balance. it has been very difficult with this roller coaster ride and sometimes I try not to let my pain show I cover it up with happiness that is not genuine or true but I am going to keep moving forward on this path and wait for the time to be right so that I can live my life to its fullest potential and that it will be stable, balanced, full of joy, Harmony and love someday. Until then I will live the best I can with love joy and happiness and not accept these negative waves of energy to cause my life to spiral out of control. I will overcome them no matter what it takes and what it takes is love!!! and if that’s not enough I will show it more love and more love and more love until I overcome these negative energy waves and break the chains that are holding me down. life is too precious life is Too Short to allow Sadness and Sorrow to overtake me. Death is nothing to fear not living life to its fullest is!!!

Lots of love


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